What is iStudiez Pro Cloud Sync service?

iStudiez Pro Cloud Sync option allows you sharing the app's data between all your devices where iStudiez Pro is installed.

The sync service is performed via our Cloud Sync servers.

Why don't you use iCloud?

Being a multi platform app it is not possible to sync app's data with iCloud on Windows and Android.

Furthermore, with our own Cloud Sync service we are able to recover your data if something really goes wrong.

What should I do to sync my data?

To be able to sync iStudiez Pro data between your devices you have to create iStudiez Pro Cloud Sync account. 

iStudiez Pro Cloud Sync account is created within the app.
Go to iStudiez Pro Settings/Preferences > Sync > enable the option and create your account (enter valid email address as login and set a password).
After you submit the credentials you will receive confirmation email.
Follow the instructions in the email to activate your Cloud Sync account.

I did not receive a confirmation email. What should I do?

Sometimes emails from our servers may get into SPAM folders.

Please check your SPAM folder if you did not receive a confirmation email shortly after you created your account.

I'm afraid that all my data may be lost during the sync. What should I do?

Please create iStudiez Pro data backup to make sure your data is 100% safe before sync.

I can't sync. It says "Cloud Sync server is unreachable", but I have the Internet connection. How come?

Corporate (work, institute, college, etc.) or public (library, campus, etc.) networks where from you are trying to sign into your Cloud Sync account may have internal firewalls or other blocking apps installed that may prevent the app from connection to iStudiez Pro Cloud Sync service. You may need to contact your local network administrator for assistance. Also, try to use Cellular Data instead of Wi-Fi connection when on mobile.

You may also need to add iStudiez Pro to the "White List" of your antivirus software you have installed on your computer (if any).